09 January 2016

Do Lin Ma

I always feel proud whenever people look at my Harry Potter scar on my forehead and I will share with them the story behind it, but it was never the same feeling when I went for a job interview that requires flawless skin and glowing face.

"Oh dear, wait! What is that on your forehead?"
"Urm, a scar...please?"
"I'm so sorry dear. I cannot tolerate this, definitely no scar,"
"I will cover with my fringe and concealer"
"No, dear. I'm so sorry,"

And she softly threw my resume on the floor, and she caught me staring at my resume on the floor. I purposely stared at her, look back to the resume again and went out the door. I never turn back.

I don't mind waiting the queue for few hours, I don't mind for being rejected, but what really broke my heart is, when some people out there still have no sense of paying respect of, no sense of valuing what matters for some people. In this case, of course my name and my personal details on the paper.

Hey, after all,we all earn some respect for the name that our parents gave us even though we don't like it, or even we aware that our names are given without our concern the day we were born, don't we?

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