07 December 2015


Love offers us so much
But we must be careful of what we take
Take a good care of me
And I will take good care of you. 

04 December 2015

An Angel With A Broken Wing (David Harris)

You flew too high for any mortal, 
when love first struck you, 
but then one-day love didn’t sing, 
and you ended up, an angel with a broken wing. 

Your tears flow with every hour; 
your cries are filled with pain. 
You played at the game of love and lost; 
now you’re an angel with a broken wing. 

Like almost everything in loves game, 
you will find that with time, 
life can be wonderful again, 
and mend an angel with a broken wing.

30 April 2015


Tak boleh nak kata apa.
Dah takda rasa.
Dah redah derita.
Dah lali semua.
Dah berapa kali kecewa.
Tak larat nak hadap benda yang sama.
Pelik, tak keluar pun air mata?

Yes, berjaya...tak ada siapa-siapa pun paksa.

08 April 2015

Move on

At one point, sharing a person who belongs to public made me realize to drop every personal expectation..

including future.

22 March 2015

The Strays


Lord give you strength to discern the tragedy, and Lord give me strength to bury the body.

Poor cat now you are free... and hungry dogs we both remain unhappy.

11 March 2015


Pregnancy is not a choice and abortion is not an option. 

24 February 2015


Dia ada hati. Tapi dia selalu sakit hati. Makin lama makin dia makan hati. Rupanya dia tak sedar dah lama dia kecil hati, cuma dia belum patah hati.