31 August 2014

Cita-cita Saya #DiSiniLahirnyaSebuahCita

Dulu saya ada cita-cita.
Cita-cita saya ialah mencapai cita-cita mereka.
Saat saya tidak mampu lagi mengejar cita-cita mereka, saya tahu cita-cita saya sudah berkecai.
Sekarang, saya dah tak punya cita-cita.
Sebab mereka langsung tak gembira dengan saya.

Tapi saya takkan salahkan mereka sampai mati sebab cita-cita saya yang tak kesampaian.
Itu janji saya pada mereka masa saya bercita-cita dahulu.

07 August 2014

A Gentle Self Reminder

There's a one point when you feel your family and loved ones trigger you to think that they look down upon your weaknesses for a sturdy reason when you are struggling to catch your dreams, once in a while.

You feel,
No one believe in you,
No one trust you,
No one listening to you,
No one pay attention to you,
And there's no ending about how you feel!

You think,
You are right, they are lying, 
You are strong, they are provoking,
You are motivating, they are frustrating,
You are everything, they are doubting,
And there's no ending about what you think!

Still wondering why a tragedy end up with a conspiracy? Feel how you feel, think what you think.