27 March 2014

La La Land

Growing up with Mickey and Minnie during my childhood, and being a Disney-Channel-teenager, somehow drives me crazy to spend my penny to Disneyland.

I thought Disneyland will be the perfect happy ending for an eager-girl who seek for happiness.

As I'm growing older (or maybe getting more wiser) , there are so many ridiculous bills that I have to pay, so many unwanted life-crisis that I have to deal, so many risky challenges I have to face. Soon, I realized I'm struggling really hard at my own land. 

Today, I dream of having a piece of land, where I can sustain a simple life of my own. 

I wanna eat what I plant. 
I wanna sleep on a tree. 
I wanna pet a dog.
I wanna swim in a river. 
I wanna lie under the sun. 
I wanna sculpt the clay.
I wanna paint the canvas. 
I wanna camp with my sisters. 
I wanna spend my time gardening with my dad.
I wanna spend my time cooking with my mom.
I wanna spend my time watching movies with my brothers.
I wanna live in a community where we share the same interest.
I wanna live with a Nightingale.

Yes, I dream of having my own Dreamland.

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