31 January 2014

Folk Dua Balut - Ayam Fared

lebuhraya utara selatan
bulan, di luar pandangan
hijau pekat langit malam
se-pocong, lagi dia bakarkan

atas jalan seorang
nyanyian, jadi kawan
di kawasan angin lintang
dia, jadi penentang

papan tanda berwajah lembu
berteman slogan hati-hati memandu
bas-bas ekspres dan kereta mewah empat pintu
diteman pemandu penghisap syabu

kenderaan berat ikut kiri
nyanyian, tiba-tiba terhenti
khayal yang tak berlabuh
(tak tertanding) hadlaju, seratus sepuluh

pocong felda tinggal separuh
(bukan) alasan, untuk mengeluh
walau tiga sempadan telah ditempuh
jalan, masih jauh

sejuk pun mengunyah rasa
malam pasang, tanpa purnama
nyanyian yang kembali bergema
memaksa dia, tinggalkan lebuhraya

dan dengan setengah upaya
dia ke jalan tak pernah rata
dengan setengah putus asa
dia tetap yang durhaka

- Ayam Fared

26 January 2014


6 makhluk berkongsi jiwa dan hati,
Masih bertahan melawan segala masalah yang puki,
Masih bertahan dengan kehendak realiti yang babi,
Terus sabar menanti kesudahan yang tak pasti,
Pada seorang hamba yang menjual diri,
Yang menghamba sebagai seorang theatre-activist,
Yang sanggup ketepikan self-priority,
Untuk 6 makhluk yang masih belum boleh berdiri.

TUHAN, selamatkan kami.
Apa berkongsi cinta pun kau tak sudi?

25 January 2014

Nobody's Home

"Her feelings she hides
Her dreams she can't find
She's losing her mind
She's fallen behind
She can't find her place
She's losing her faith
She's fallen from grace
She's all over the place"

24 January 2014

Her Wish : The Shadow

You imagine that she's just as pure as ever. 
But I have been known to shake her bones yeah we've been known to shudder and moan together. 
I am not the problem. You are. 

I love her. She loves me. I thought you should know.

08 January 2014

From Kawthaung to Koh Tao

Jai (Thai), the langsi guesthouse owner in Ranong ended up as Las Ketchup parody to ourselves.

Saddam Michael (Burmese), a local who fight to survive in his own land being a tourist guide besides sharing the business opportunity by selling Viagra.

Hussein (Burmese), unofficial photographer on the rusty deck who made me smile sheepishly when he started to say some words in loghat utara.

Ubei (Burmese), the naive kampong boy who thought we were lost and lead us back home and the one who almost got cheated by Pocong Felda.

Basida (Pakistani), sweetest girl in Kawthaung who enjoy rolling the sugarcane machine manually and maybe that's the reason Ubei don't mind paying us the drink?

Fon (Thai), kind hearted bartender in Chumphon who fight for us to get on the night boat which we ended up getting frozen in our own sleeping bag after stargazing on the most upper deck, and I shall say this is the best stargazing moment so far!

Mike (German), who brave enough trusting us, let us rent his bicycles without deposit and as penalty for the late return after 24-hours of renting we got the snorkelling gear to spend our evening, how is that possible? We don’t know.

Becky (Thai), a sophisticated young diver master in Koh Tao that's not selling herself cheap and somehow bridging the gap between the locals and outsiders, bravo!

Luke (English), the camping site owner who welcome us the uninvited guest by serving hot tea and cool enough to let us stay and enjoy the view on top of the hill. 

Anna Maris (France), 68 years old pleasant woman who tough enough to hike alone with the help of the trekking poles and the one who keeps on giving compliment to us because we chose to ride with bicycle not with motorbike!

Johanna (Sweedish), who crazy enough to approach us by saying, "You guys are beautiful, I saw both of you so many times, fuck it I'm gonna say hi!" and we ended up dancing, laughing and celebrating New Year together with John, the copy writer for a magazine and his fiancée, Anna the one who fight for human-rights, together with Maarten from Belgium, Sam the stuntman coordinator from Australia and...what else who else should I mentioned? So many!

Not to forget the locals who survive to serve the people on their own land with massage, tattoo, banana shake and pancake, pad thai, pork, fire play, laughing gas, lantern, cabaret, and especially the old lovely couple at the construction site for somehow making someone feel belonging and wanted...at least.

Last but not least, the unexpected wrap-up session at  Farang Bar with a stranger from England who lives in France who ended being our messenger to each other, and later became an old drunk man to a lazy boy and a spoiled brat Disney girl. Merci, Patrick.