21 August 2011

MTBC stands for ________________ .

I won't tweet about MTBC angrily, if it makes me happy.
Because it is like an axe to the grind for me over this MTBC.
I'm not going to crack someone up about MTBC.
Age is a number, it keeps on increasing.
You are growing up and you parents getting older.
Unfortunately you are growing like forever 6 years little boy.
Let your Mama feeds you.
Let your Daddy cuddle you.
High on the Hog .
The typical-rude-kampung-Malay once shouted 'Ayon teloq kighi kanan'.
The best teaser after all.
Hey, never bite the hand that feeds you.
You are taking the whole 9 yards troubling others, indirectly, unconciously.

Erm, how do we describe MAKAN TANGGUNG BERAK CANGKUNG precisely?

05 August 2011

Redza Minhat : So everyone got their own explanation, right?