08 July 2011


So I am going to update several things here :

1. The Social Network

I deactivated my FB account since 29th May due to the unforgiven lost world and word, not to blame others, but me myself. I will join you guys later, when I am ready to face the reality, with the courage just to give my 2 cents. Nothing much I can do. I'm not into cheap gossips, and inner-annal-asshole leadership politics you guys create among yourself, instead the barking songs. I wonder why we have that kind of future leader. (DASAR MELAYU). Less talk,let's chirp..." Hek eleh, hang ada Twitter kot". Owh, pleaselah come and stalk me everyday because I am ready to share my privacy with you. Who says I'm selfish? Tell me, tell me more. Haish. Owh, since I lost all my pictures in FS, farewell to FS, ignoring the MS too. Get it?

2. Redang Vacation

Since I've changed my mind due to my family matters, Bogat will definitely tembak lemak-lemak tepu at my chin and stomach with M16. I have to cancel it. I have to, not I choose to. We will go on vacation after graduation, shall we? I promise. No more obstacles, INSYAALLAH. We can hoo la la your hip my hip like gila wearing the hat and nobody will care. You know I must reward myself after my study "yang kononlah hang sorang ja study sampai kuruih cengkong bagai". Hey, I did it last time. HK? Macau? Remember? So, please usha tiket-tiket Air Asia ye sayang. You don't know how much I suffer when people keep on asking me "Eh, why eh Sherry tak dapat? Ipin and Bogat je?''. Owh, I'm dying now. You guys can study kat Bangkok and Jakarta but me? Shah Alam suits better, with lousy people. No, I'm the stupid lousy one. Merajuk 5 minit bila dengar dialog begitu. I accept my stupidity. Do your best Bogat and Ipin. Ipin please la jangan dok massage sangat okay. I miss you guys, walaupun terpaksa nampak macam hipokrit. I enjoy every single opinion with you guys when it comes to politics or politikus. So, definitely next vacation, next year, next phase of life. Reyak 3 baldi sat.

3. Part time

I was about to work as part timer at Mr Zack's company, earning RM1200/month. He offered me during my last day of intersession. Yes, being a part of the team member for the event management is awesome. I  can start whenever I wish, he told me so. The thing is, I swear I'm not that kind of daughter, I'm letting my mom alone with the girls through her days. I need her during my holidays, and the same goes to my mom. Hey, I earn RM500/month actually. Housekeeping, housecleaning, picking the girls from CBM, drift mt mom's car here and there, picit hidung tahan busuk buah nangka, and tumbuk sambal belacan sambil reyak 3 baldi. Depa kata orang yang garang macam saya bila tumbuk sambal belacan pedaih dia menyinga. Kot la noh. Hey hey hey, I have my time shuffling like a lazy-fat-cat upstairs too weyh! Don't count. Itu mengulat. The point is, $ is my priority, but spending my holidays with family at home is the top priority. Yes, boo saya kuat-kuat. Macam ape je kan wahai anak manja. Boo lagi using microfon. Macrofon pun takpa. Aku rela nyah. I'm sorry Mr Zack. So I do reject the 5th offer from you kan? And thanks for never give up on me. I believe in you too.

 Till we meet again,
Aku Masih Dara.


  1. sherryyyy, just got time to read this post. no worries. tak marah pun pasal vacation tu weh. paham . family is our priority. heh :)

    btw, org tu tak berapa bijak bila sentuh isu sensitif. lupa gamaknya masing2 ada takdir masing2 ?

  2. @Lyana : Haruslah begitu kan!

    @Bogat : Thanks sebab paham mak ye nyah! Ya, saya redha bila di"compare"kan dengan orang lain.Mungkin mereka takut nak compare diri saya dengan diri mereka sendiri.