25 July 2011


Well, she's the one who I would like to work with, someday. I guess it's too late. I would die for the cast, if I am eligible. Really. If she is not freaking fantastic, I know Abah would rather tee-off at 7 am early in the morning, instead buying 8 tickets for Mukhsin, celebrating Mama. It was Mama's birthday actually. We end up eating popcorn in the cinema and I found that Mukhsin is a great great great movie I had ever seen. Abah is a person who never watch Malay movie or drama. HBO is the only button to put for some pressure at the tips of his hand.

My friends didn't like her masterpiece, most of them. They said they don't understand the remedy. Besides, they would die for Gol & Gincu and I'm Not Single cast. 'Tan Hong Ming in Love' won one of the best ads before, internationally. Ads is the simplest message one can understand. Perhaps they still don't get it. It ain't easy buddy? Interpreting the message? Die for it. Look for her masterpiece. I bet you wait for her ads every year in tears. But now, nothing much interesting, instead of the stupid sensitive religious ads from TV3.

One thing, the actor, actresses she picked, is the most with quality, really good one. Even for the OST, she picked Atilia, Aizat and Adibah Noor. Again, Angel by Atilia is my favourite. Pergi from Aizat is something else for me. Sofi used to love it, I mean the Angel song, and recommended me. Too bad, I'm fast! At least I'm happy somebody do love the song. So I have something to share with people when we talk about Malay film and the OST. Yes, Sofi is a man my dear friends. Yeah, Sofy is a girly thing you know? But, he is a man. Oh yeah, she made a family from her films too like Syafie Naswip, Sharifah Amani, Mahesh, Pamela, Aryanna and Brian Yap, etc. A family.

I am optimistic and sentimental to the point of being annoying
-Yasmin Ahmad (January 7, 1958 - 25th July 2009)

Al fatihah.


  1. dua-dua cute (:
    love their voice..
    umi kazrina n tan hong ming..
    agak2 la kan..macam mane r dyowng skng nie?

  2. I don't know, but I will try to update about them someday. One thing I adore late Yasmin Ahmad is that, she left the people she used to work with the word UNITY and HUMANITY.

    And I think Umi and Tan Hong Ming is part of the Yasmin Ahmad love list. She interviewed them face-to-face.