03 July 2011

The Lawee

It's almost 2 years since I left the Law School.
I was a shy person in my class.
I hate debate.
I hate public speaking.
I hate politics.
So why Asasi Undang-undang KPTM, girl?
Humanity sake.
I know nothing.

I  miss the time when I use to speak and argue a lot.

I swear to speak all the truth nothing but the truth.

The first day was great.
I met Cik Yas, Nik, Amal, Koko and Nas.
And the rest of my freaking fabulous classmates.
Maria, Freeyn, Johny, Aly, Cikgu, Mus, Esyah, and others.
I got my Aunty in my class too.
We had fun gossiping with Cik Yas, Maria and Freeyn.
We had fun menggedik with Koko.
We had fun membuli Amal and Nik.
We had fun menyundal with Nas.
Stil remember the sound record "Abang....nak...!!! " ???
Stil remember Abang Muscle?
Stil remember what I did to Jit during the election?
Stil remember Geng Gigi Tajam?
The day Nik admitted because it was the first time we know she got anaemia?
The day we presented Who Wants To Be Nas Banks Wife?
The day we performed our mooting?
The day Amal fell down from the huge Judge's chair in the Moot Court?
I do, still.
Kak Long Kengkang is my nickname.
They use to call me Kak Long all the time.
I wonder why until today.

And everytime I passing by Cempaka,
I miss my line to Mr Helmi,
"Sir.Amirul sihat?"
I knew nothing about his son but I keep on asking about him,
Mr Helmi never stop replying,
Not even once,
"Alhamdulillah Amirul sihat".
Hey he was the one who honoured my handwriting.
The smell is refreshing,
The environment is supportive,
Living in the liberalism and realism is a gift for me,
I have no doubt, yet until today.
Thank God,
For giving me a chance living in this Law School,
I will never forget,
The day I was born to be,
Me, today.
So who am I today?

Sorry for leaving too early,
Leaving you guys with 3.75 and MUET 179/180,
Is not easy for me,
But again,

I miss you guys, The Lawee...


  1. after finish y'r degree in IB, maybe after this u still can continue your dream 2 become lawyer or sewaktu dgnnye coz shhery@cery@kakak tutti fruity...y'r very talented to become a person like abg kamarul...:) seriously...tapi gurl version lah... :)

  2. Thanks Manis.I will try my best.Do support me.We stil young and energetic,yes I will pursue what it takes later.Muahsssss

  3. takleh lupa all the memories. I was laughing like hell teringat how amal terjatuh dr kerusi judge tu. Paling tak boleh lupa suara nas "Abang,nak te*** ?" Thats our inside joke,lawee joke.Always be my favourite :)
    How time flies,how I wish I could turn back to that moment when everything was easy(well at least i think it was easy hahah),and stay forever cehcehcehwah. I swear that was one of the best year in my life,best thing ever happened to me.i wish i didnt take it for granted. Miss you guys :')


  4. OMG! You know what, Nas selalu buat orang naik moto nak accident sebab suka jerit kat tepi jalan sebut benda tu! Hehehe,i miss him and them like hell too!!!

    Probably not for us, but the opportunity being a Lawee is the best dekat Shah Alam, and Im not happy that news, I have to transfer to Puncak Alam after this.Masih teringat kenangan lama bila lalu kat Cempaka tu....

    You guys always in my heart!