07 July 2011

Swinging Doubt

To be frank, 
I'm not ready for next semester,
My 3rd and last year being a business student,
And that final decision,
Really made my head twirl,
The subjects and lecturers even friends are not the matters,
The environment and place shot me to death,
I remember I run away from KMK only after 2 weeks,
I cry every single day upstairs alone,
Students rush to library after class,
Me myself heading to the track,
Such a bliss,
I waited for something that can change my mind,
Every single moment is killing me,
I call my mom and she didn't entertain me,
And because I was lucky to have her as my mom,
Thank you,
I survive in a warm safe place with the liberalists and realists later,
And now here I am,
But now,
The situation come back,
No option to click,
No choice to point,
Straight away love or hate it,
Being 21 and moving to another phase of life,
Need the real mature person,
So I'm trembling like a leaf,
Wonder what when who why where how ?
I do believe in environment,
The good and positive one,
Because the smell can be sweet-scented,
Give a beauty to the dark side,
Because the air can be refreshing,
Give a calm to the warm heart,
Because the lights illuminate the ceased mind,
Enlightens the dark side of mine,
Hoping that GOD is always with me all the time,
So that I can untie a not,
Ignoring the sizzling sound,
Bring along the cheer teaser so that I'm concious,
With big heart I shall follow.


  1. 4 me..i'm too excited to become "wanita b'kerjaya" hehehehe...can't wait 4 that! :)

  2. Kuatkan semangat kuatkan apa-apa yang patut! Life is not easy, but do we look like we care? TEEHEE