15 July 2011

Dear UiTM Students...

For those students who are going to pursue your study in UiTM, and for those who are in the intention of switching campus,  I heard that Dato VC had came out with new procedures and new policies. I tried my best to get the most possible solution for you guys and I'm sorry because the feedback is somehow like this :

"Do you have any steady rigid logical firm sturdy strong secure substantial reasons for switching campus?"

"You had been located there. You deserved yourself there."

"And why you need to do that? You get a place in UiTM and you appeal for switching campus? There are so many people who wants to get in, and still waiting for their names to come out in black and white list. And today you talk to me, appeal to switch campus?"

And I was like....
I do ask for the sake of my friend
Yes a friend of mine,
Who stabbed my back long time ago,
Stabbing for no reasons,
I don't mind if you call me stupid for giving my time for her,
Because others might not entertain her,
I tried so hard not to believe them that you're such a jerk and bimbo, 
But it is not the music to my ears,
But the moment you texted me a line,
Just to ask me for a favor,
Without even give me a call after several years,
Without even asking me how am I doing,
Without come to my cottage having sleepover like last time,
Without hang out with me and them,
Without celebrate the date we made when we was 16,
What is the reason for me not to believe them?
And yeah, 
Text a line doesn't comfort your friend,
Your GIRLFRIENDS especially,
Trust can take years to build, a second to break.

And this is my words for some freshies and juniors,
For a clique of girlfriends,
For a bunch of monkeyboys,
For a group of terrorists,
I know we are growing up,
People change,
Wherever you are,
Whenever you are,
Whoever you are,
Even if the the dress change,
The watch,
The car,
The make-up,
The heelies,
The boyfriend,
The contact lenses,
The braces,
The BB,
The fake eye-lashes,
There is one thing you shall remain...

You yourself.