01 November 2011

I miss my mama.

28 September 2011

Legally 21

Do you know what SIMPLE means when you turned 21 legally?
You got me.

Thank you.

20 September 2011

The Arzmi

Because he yelled "BULLSHIT!" straight to my face, when I'm confidently answered his question.
Yes, I am totally awesome for the question he asked.
The least I can do, stared at him, the same thing he did to me after that.

He is in my blog, at least.

15 September 2011

Perhentian Escape!

Lari jauh-jauh bawak hati yang duka lara!!!
See you guys!

21 August 2011

MTBC stands for ________________ .

I won't tweet about MTBC angrily, if it makes me happy.
Because it is like an axe to the grind for me over this MTBC.
I'm not going to crack someone up about MTBC.
Age is a number, it keeps on increasing.
You are growing up and you parents getting older.
Unfortunately you are growing like forever 6 years little boy.
Let your Mama feeds you.
Let your Daddy cuddle you.
High on the Hog .
The typical-rude-kampung-Malay once shouted 'Ayon teloq kighi kanan'.
The best teaser after all.
Hey, never bite the hand that feeds you.
You are taking the whole 9 yards troubling others, indirectly, unconciously.

Erm, how do we describe MAKAN TANGGUNG BERAK CANGKUNG precisely?

29 July 2011

Hidup Sama Adil

Perasaan ini sama sahaja.

Perjalanan seorang teman,
Perjuangannya mara setapak,
Perginya berimpian,
Perbelanjaannya ditaja,
Persekitarannya berbeda,
Pengalamannya dikongsi,
Perkhabarannya dinanti,
Pulangnya nanti dengan kemegahan.

Aku nampak looser,
Ya, masih belum dipihak aku.

25 July 2011


Well, she's the one who I would like to work with, someday. I guess it's too late. I would die for the cast, if I am eligible. Really. If she is not freaking fantastic, I know Abah would rather tee-off at 7 am early in the morning, instead buying 8 tickets for Mukhsin, celebrating Mama. It was Mama's birthday actually. We end up eating popcorn in the cinema and I found that Mukhsin is a great great great movie I had ever seen. Abah is a person who never watch Malay movie or drama. HBO is the only button to put for some pressure at the tips of his hand.

My friends didn't like her masterpiece, most of them. They said they don't understand the remedy. Besides, they would die for Gol & Gincu and I'm Not Single cast. 'Tan Hong Ming in Love' won one of the best ads before, internationally. Ads is the simplest message one can understand. Perhaps they still don't get it. It ain't easy buddy? Interpreting the message? Die for it. Look for her masterpiece. I bet you wait for her ads every year in tears. But now, nothing much interesting, instead of the stupid sensitive religious ads from TV3.

One thing, the actor, actresses she picked, is the most with quality, really good one. Even for the OST, she picked Atilia, Aizat and Adibah Noor. Again, Angel by Atilia is my favourite. Pergi from Aizat is something else for me. Sofi used to love it, I mean the Angel song, and recommended me. Too bad, I'm fast! At least I'm happy somebody do love the song. So I have something to share with people when we talk about Malay film and the OST. Yes, Sofi is a man my dear friends. Yeah, Sofy is a girly thing you know? But, he is a man. Oh yeah, she made a family from her films too like Syafie Naswip, Sharifah Amani, Mahesh, Pamela, Aryanna and Brian Yap, etc. A family.

I am optimistic and sentimental to the point of being annoying
-Yasmin Ahmad (January 7, 1958 - 25th July 2009)

Al fatihah.

21 July 2011

Mari Belajar Bahasa Utara

Objek :
marton = penukul
moktan = rambutan
camca = sudu
tokyu = kicap
lemari = almari
ghetis = artis
deghiyan = durian
pancoq = bilik air
lau = reban ayam
endoi = buaian
guruih = mancis
ketin = betis kering
gon = bukit kecil
ban = sungai kecil/lombong/takungan air

Kata Kerja (Kata Gheja) :
kaih = lekas
taboh = pukul
ghengau = cakar
ligan = kejar
boh = letak
ghunaih = mengutil
punggai/tengkalong = baling
mai = datang
habaq = beritahu/khabar
kutey = cubit
ghimbok = menumbuk
camoq = selerak
seh = mengeluarkan hingus
bang = azan
ghabat = panjat
keloi = lambai/panggil
pulon = bersungguh-sungguh
tunton = pimpin/bawa
acan = ajuk
pepak = menghancurkan sesuatu menggunakan gigi dan berbunyi

Kata Sifat :
cemuih = jemu/jelak
lengai = lembap
belemoih = comot
belengaih = melekit/bergetah
loqlaq/kelolo = tak senonoh
pederaih = cepat-cepat
katop = tutup
kona = belok/menyimpang
dogiang = kosong/jendul
ceroi = cair
celuih = muat
cemerkap = cuai
cenge = garang
haring = hancing
hanyiaq = hanyir
sintin = singkat
taram = dendam
loi = lembik/lemah/lesu
penkaq = tempang
sebeq = muka nak nangis tapi belum nangis
bincot =bengkak 

Kata Sendi :
hat = yang
tang = dekat/di
taksat = tadi
lagu = seperti
doq = tidak/menafikan sesuatu

15 July 2011

Dear UiTM Students...

For those students who are going to pursue your study in UiTM, and for those who are in the intention of switching campus,  I heard that Dato VC had came out with new procedures and new policies. I tried my best to get the most possible solution for you guys and I'm sorry because the feedback is somehow like this :

"Do you have any steady rigid logical firm sturdy strong secure substantial reasons for switching campus?"

"You had been located there. You deserved yourself there."

"And why you need to do that? You get a place in UiTM and you appeal for switching campus? There are so many people who wants to get in, and still waiting for their names to come out in black and white list. And today you talk to me, appeal to switch campus?"

And I was like....
I do ask for the sake of my friend
Yes a friend of mine,
Who stabbed my back long time ago,
Stabbing for no reasons,
I don't mind if you call me stupid for giving my time for her,
Because others might not entertain her,
I tried so hard not to believe them that you're such a jerk and bimbo, 
But it is not the music to my ears,
But the moment you texted me a line,
Just to ask me for a favor,
Without even give me a call after several years,
Without even asking me how am I doing,
Without come to my cottage having sleepover like last time,
Without hang out with me and them,
Without celebrate the date we made when we was 16,
What is the reason for me not to believe them?
And yeah, 
Text a line doesn't comfort your friend,
Your GIRLFRIENDS especially,
Trust can take years to build, a second to break.

And this is my words for some freshies and juniors,
For a clique of girlfriends,
For a bunch of monkeyboys,
For a group of terrorists,
I know we are growing up,
People change,
Wherever you are,
Whenever you are,
Whoever you are,
Even if the the dress change,
The watch,
The car,
The make-up,
The heelies,
The boyfriend,
The contact lenses,
The braces,
The BB,
The fake eye-lashes,
There is one thing you shall remain...

You yourself.

14 July 2011

Buat terok sunggoh.

Mama : Dah kakak pasaipa pi beli charger baru sampai RM128 benaq?
Kubi   : Kakak buat ka, kakak tak buat ka, semua orang cakap kakak buat


Tetibah balik dari camping camera usb/charger tak boleh pakai.
Tetibah memory card corrupt.
Tetibah time tu la abah nak pinjam camera.
Tetibah semua menggelabah.
Tetibah Kutek blame kakak.
Tetibah Mama pon blame kakak sampai cari kat bilik.
Tetibah semua orang cari kakak bila ada saja barang hilang,rosak,misplaced,tersorok,terbuang.
Tetibah Kutek ada Sport's Day Sabtu nih
Tetibah baru teringat Kutek hafal ikrar bukan mahen tak hengat sebab nak kena baca.
Tetibah baru teringat betapa pentingnya camera tu Sabtu ni pada Kutek.
Tetibah baru teringat muka Kutek nak marah kakak tak boleh tapi nak salah siapa.
Tetibah terajak Lyana and Hazwan teman ukoq jalan pi 1st Avenue.
Tetibah suruh Izzat Farid bank in duit baki deposit trip.
Tetibah terganti camera charger Nikon Kutek.
Tetibah tersahur kat luaq.
Tetibah semua tak tanya apa-apa dah lepaih tu, lepaih mama.
Tetibah kakak rasa nak pi Sport's Day Kutek.
Tetibah kakak tak rasa nak reyak 3 baldi ka, bebai ka.
Tetibah kakak rasa nak buat terok lagu nih.

P/S : By the way ma, charger tu RM80 jah! :)


12 July 2011

Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup

Batu belah batu bertangkup,
Hang ingat hang baguih mak hang takut?

Batu belah batu bertangkup,
Ada bini baru semua harta benda hang angkut.

Batu belah batu bertangkup,
Jangan melawan cakap mak nanti hidup hang sah-sah lingkup.

Batu belah batu bertangkup,
Nak mati masuk syurga syarat-syarat belum tentu cukup.

Batu belah batu bertangkup,
Cepat-cepat mintak ampun sebelum mata hang rapat terkatup.

11 July 2011

Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku

”Rakyat itu umpama akar, raja itu umpama pohon; 
jikalau tiada akar nescaya pohon tiada akan dapat berdiri”

 Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan!

09 July 2011


Saya harap saya masih bernyawa bersama-sama rakan yang lain.
Jangan risau.
Kalau tak buat salah takkan ada orang nak tikam atau splash acid.
GOD save us from any harm.

Selamat bercamping ya teman-teman!

-Scheduled automatically at 10.39 PM-

08 July 2011


So I am going to update several things here :

1. The Social Network

I deactivated my FB account since 29th May due to the unforgiven lost world and word, not to blame others, but me myself. I will join you guys later, when I am ready to face the reality, with the courage just to give my 2 cents. Nothing much I can do. I'm not into cheap gossips, and inner-annal-asshole leadership politics you guys create among yourself, instead the barking songs. I wonder why we have that kind of future leader. (DASAR MELAYU). Less talk,let's chirp..." Hek eleh, hang ada Twitter kot". Owh, pleaselah come and stalk me everyday because I am ready to share my privacy with you. Who says I'm selfish? Tell me, tell me more. Haish. Owh, since I lost all my pictures in FS, farewell to FS, ignoring the MS too. Get it?

2. Redang Vacation

Since I've changed my mind due to my family matters, Bogat will definitely tembak lemak-lemak tepu at my chin and stomach with M16. I have to cancel it. I have to, not I choose to. We will go on vacation after graduation, shall we? I promise. No more obstacles, INSYAALLAH. We can hoo la la your hip my hip like gila wearing the hat and nobody will care. You know I must reward myself after my study "yang kononlah hang sorang ja study sampai kuruih cengkong bagai". Hey, I did it last time. HK? Macau? Remember? So, please usha tiket-tiket Air Asia ye sayang. You don't know how much I suffer when people keep on asking me "Eh, why eh Sherry tak dapat? Ipin and Bogat je?''. Owh, I'm dying now. You guys can study kat Bangkok and Jakarta but me? Shah Alam suits better, with lousy people. No, I'm the stupid lousy one. Merajuk 5 minit bila dengar dialog begitu. I accept my stupidity. Do your best Bogat and Ipin. Ipin please la jangan dok massage sangat okay. I miss you guys, walaupun terpaksa nampak macam hipokrit. I enjoy every single opinion with you guys when it comes to politics or politikus. So, definitely next vacation, next year, next phase of life. Reyak 3 baldi sat.

3. Part time

I was about to work as part timer at Mr Zack's company, earning RM1200/month. He offered me during my last day of intersession. Yes, being a part of the team member for the event management is awesome. I  can start whenever I wish, he told me so. The thing is, I swear I'm not that kind of daughter, I'm letting my mom alone with the girls through her days. I need her during my holidays, and the same goes to my mom. Hey, I earn RM500/month actually. Housekeeping, housecleaning, picking the girls from CBM, drift mt mom's car here and there, picit hidung tahan busuk buah nangka, and tumbuk sambal belacan sambil reyak 3 baldi. Depa kata orang yang garang macam saya bila tumbuk sambal belacan pedaih dia menyinga. Kot la noh. Hey hey hey, I have my time shuffling like a lazy-fat-cat upstairs too weyh! Don't count. Itu mengulat. The point is, $ is my priority, but spending my holidays with family at home is the top priority. Yes, boo saya kuat-kuat. Macam ape je kan wahai anak manja. Boo lagi using microfon. Macrofon pun takpa. Aku rela nyah. I'm sorry Mr Zack. So I do reject the 5th offer from you kan? And thanks for never give up on me. I believe in you too.

 Till we meet again,
Aku Masih Dara.

07 July 2011

Swinging Doubt

To be frank, 
I'm not ready for next semester,
My 3rd and last year being a business student,
And that final decision,
Really made my head twirl,
The subjects and lecturers even friends are not the matters,
The environment and place shot me to death,
I remember I run away from KMK only after 2 weeks,
I cry every single day upstairs alone,
Students rush to library after class,
Me myself heading to the track,
Such a bliss,
I waited for something that can change my mind,
Every single moment is killing me,
I call my mom and she didn't entertain me,
And because I was lucky to have her as my mom,
Thank you,
I survive in a warm safe place with the liberalists and realists later,
And now here I am,
But now,
The situation come back,
No option to click,
No choice to point,
Straight away love or hate it,
Being 21 and moving to another phase of life,
Need the real mature person,
So I'm trembling like a leaf,
Wonder what when who why where how ?
I do believe in environment,
The good and positive one,
Because the smell can be sweet-scented,
Give a beauty to the dark side,
Because the air can be refreshing,
Give a calm to the warm heart,
Because the lights illuminate the ceased mind,
Enlightens the dark side of mine,
Hoping that GOD is always with me all the time,
So that I can untie a not,
Ignoring the sizzling sound,
Bring along the cheer teaser so that I'm concious,
With big heart I shall follow.

05 July 2011

Redza Minhat Wedding

Italians make handbags, 
Germans make cars, 
Malaysians make lousy husbands.
-Redza Minhat (Energia, 2011)

P/S : Selamat Pengantin Baru Redza & Aidira. Don't be such a lousy husband.

03 July 2011

The Lawee

It's almost 2 years since I left the Law School.
I was a shy person in my class.
I hate debate.
I hate public speaking.
I hate politics.
So why Asasi Undang-undang KPTM, girl?
Humanity sake.
I know nothing.

I  miss the time when I use to speak and argue a lot.

I swear to speak all the truth nothing but the truth.

The first day was great.
I met Cik Yas, Nik, Amal, Koko and Nas.
And the rest of my freaking fabulous classmates.
Maria, Freeyn, Johny, Aly, Cikgu, Mus, Esyah, and others.
I got my Aunty in my class too.
We had fun gossiping with Cik Yas, Maria and Freeyn.
We had fun menggedik with Koko.
We had fun membuli Amal and Nik.
We had fun menyundal with Nas.
Stil remember the sound record "Abang....nak...!!! " ???
Stil remember Abang Muscle?
Stil remember what I did to Jit during the election?
Stil remember Geng Gigi Tajam?
The day Nik admitted because it was the first time we know she got anaemia?
The day we presented Who Wants To Be Nas Banks Wife?
The day we performed our mooting?
The day Amal fell down from the huge Judge's chair in the Moot Court?
I do, still.
Kak Long Kengkang is my nickname.
They use to call me Kak Long all the time.
I wonder why until today.

And everytime I passing by Cempaka,
I miss my line to Mr Helmi,
"Sir.Amirul sihat?"
I knew nothing about his son but I keep on asking about him,
Mr Helmi never stop replying,
Not even once,
"Alhamdulillah Amirul sihat".
Hey he was the one who honoured my handwriting.
The smell is refreshing,
The environment is supportive,
Living in the liberalism and realism is a gift for me,
I have no doubt, yet until today.
Thank God,
For giving me a chance living in this Law School,
I will never forget,
The day I was born to be,
Me, today.
So who am I today?

Sorry for leaving too early,
Leaving you guys with 3.75 and MUET 179/180,
Is not easy for me,
But again,

I miss you guys, The Lawee...

02 July 2011

Why do MAN say it twice? Or repeat? Again? One more time?

I wonder why he said it twice.
For me, I understood once he said.
Otherwise, I knew he chirped.
A pervert, who flirt-chirped perfectly.
You ain't trying so hard.
Don't you?
I miss the old you.
When I used to argue with you.
There's so much fun.
Just stop doubting the unseen bond.
Without saying this word again and again.
You know I hate MAN repeating this word.
'SORRY' ...
They may concern, but not me.

28 June 2011

DogBark, Chicken Cluck and HumanTalk.

Aku benci ayam,
Sebab masa kecil dulu,
Tak semena-mena patuk kaki abang aku,
Benci paling teramat sangat,
Aku fikir abang tak buat apa-apa,
Gila apa,
Ayam terencat mungkin.

Yang pelik, 
Aku suka makan ayam.

Seumur hidup,
Tak pernah aku jumpa ayam selooser macam beliau,
Dualooser pon tak pernah,
Kalau dari segi luaran,
Aku setuju dengan budak lelaki dalam CARAH 2,
Kalau dari segi kewangan,
Aku setuju dengan I & D (bukan nama sebenar) dalam CARAH,
Tapi kalau dari segi KETUHANAN,
Aku setuju dengan beliau dalam CABLOCK.
Biar sebelum ini aku tak pernah kenal,
Tak pernah ambil tahu.

Aku dapat rasa erti kehidupan dengan lebih dekat,
Dekat sangat.
Owh, itu rupanya Ayam Fared.

Apa yang looser?
Setuju aku dengan mereka.
Siapa yang bangun pagi-pagi memekik terlolong kejut manusia solat Subuh?
Bukan "Siapa",
Tapi "Apa".

Aku pasti setiap "Farid" atau "Fared" ada sesuatu yang unik, 
Tiada bandingan,
Dan istimewa.

Kehidupan adalah anugerah.

24 June 2011

"2 Alam" apa yang bernilai lebih dari RM20juta ?

Selamat tinggal Shah Alam,
Hei Puncak Alam!

p/s : Aku pilih untuk hidup di Alam ini 3 tahun lalu dan nyata percaturan aku hampir sempurna.Doakan aku ya kalian!

17 June 2011

Kanvas Sepanjang 2 Tahun

Untuk tahun pertama,
Warnanya tak begitu cantik,
Pudar kusam langsung tak ceria,
Entah apa yang dilakar, diwarna, dilukis,
Empunya badan sendiri tak mengerti.
Sikit tak nampak pokok pangkal cerita.
Kepala ini kusut,
Tak sepadan usia,
Walhal baru betatih baru menapak.
Lintang pukang juri-juri.
Silap bancuhan,
Salah kombinasi,
Sangsi tekniknya,
Menitis air mata balik dinding,
Cengeng sekali.

Untuk tahun kedua,
Warna-warni kanvasnya,
Empunya sendiri tersenyum melihat,
Apatah bila juri sentuh jalinan atas karya,
Oh tak semudah itu sebenarnya,
Dilupa lara,
Diterus perjalanan,
Dikuat semangat,
Dipayung Mama Abah,
Didekat Maha Esa,
Baru nampak hasil seninya,
Bukan mahu takabur riya' segala,
Yang elok ambil buat teladan,
Sebenarnya tak pernah pun terlambat,
Sentiasa ada kanvas ada pastel ada berus,
Cuma bila akal dan emosi bergabung,
Tak pasti bila harus memilih,
Cepat-cepat kuatkan semangat,
Jangan pula cepat melatah,
Tangan kiri kanan adalah anugerah,
Apa salah hamparkan kanvas,
Biar buat juri kali kedua,
Kali ini bukan tangis duka lara,
Cuma ketawa ceria gembira,
Adapun cuma titis dan senyum,
Kalah menang belakang cerita.


16 June 2011

Steamboat VS Warga Tua Teras Masyarakat

Tak tahu kenapa.
Nafsu makan bertambah-tambah.
Apa terlintas semua bedal.
Paling teruk minggu ni.

Usah ditanya.

Muka Si Gatal yang mengidam Steamboat sepurnama.

Sempena ulangtahun teman-teman kuliah, maka terus saja ini rancangannya.
Oh ya, "DIMANA?" , "BERAPA?" tak penting.
Yang penting "SIAPA?".


 Terima kasih buat sekeping memori ini.

11 June 2011

Sweet Potato

Kubi tu apa maksudnya?
Kadang-kadang macam ubi.
Ubi ada macam-macam
Yang ini macam ubi kayu
Ubi itu nampak keras bila mentah.
Bila direbus lembut sahaja.

Sweet potato juga jadi pilihan.
Dan terima kasih.

05 June 2011

How the reality beat the fantasy.

Poor people seek opportunity,
Poor people stepped with hope,
Poor people performed with soul,
Some left with no pride.

The reasons why I enjoyed Got To Dance more than Akademi Fantasia (Malaysia) :

This is just an audition.
Reality greatest love of sincere children,
and they are the winner.


02 June 2011

Lousy Life Epic

Cocky attitude,
Bossy style,
Messy appearance,
Fussy action,
Clumsy life,

What epic reveals life?